Ways to hook up 1 to 3 dogs for scootering, carting, skijoring, or sledding. Note that the length of the line from the vehicle to the first dog varies with the skill level of the driver, the terrain, the speed and obedience of the dogs, etc. Normally 6 to 8 feet minimum is recommended. Also, most ganglines have a bungie section built in next to the vehicle to take up shock.

Necklines are in red, tuglines in green, and ganglines in blue. Dogs closest to the vehicle are called "wheelers".

For more info on how to build these lines, see http://skijor.hypermart.net/line_article.html


Single dog hookup. Simple as it gets. :)


Two dogs running side-by-side. Neckline is optional. One tugline can be made shorter so one dog runs slightly ahead of the other, often good for training new dogs or giving an underconfident dog a boost. Gets more power back to the vehicle and is more controllable than dogs in front of one another since tuglines are shorter. Dogs also usually prefer a 'buddy' to run next to.


Two dogs one in front of the other on a gangline, obviously could be expanded to three dogs (just add more sections like the wheel dog). Note that this drawing exaggerates the side- to- side width, dogs typically follow nearly one in front of the other. This is good for breaking trail (only one dog actually breaks, dog behind follows in their tracks) or keeping a second unruly dog tied down, but reduces power back to the vehicle and has significantly more line to tangle.


Three dog fan hitch, necklines optional. Gets power back to rig with short lines, but doesn't work as well for narrow trails or passing situations.  


Three dog gangline setup with double leaders. Often used for 3 dog racing teams since leaders are sometimes more reliable and drive harder in pairs. Single wheel dog can duck under the line to lever vehicle around. Some leave out leader neckline.


Three dog gangline setup with single leader. Two dogs in wheel can get more power back to the vehicle, but requires a steady leader.